How to place an order

Get ready to add your personal touch to each item! We’ve made it super simple to customize with your own messages or photos. But hey, if you ever need a little extra design magic, our design team is here to save the day! Just reach out, and they’ll sprinkle some creativity on your order. Let’s make your personalized items pop!

Why should I buy online?

Ordering online with us opens up a treasure trove of benefits. Picture this: no need to brave the crowds, no hassle of finding parking, and no more waiting in long checkout lines. Plus, our online store is open 24/7, so you can shop whenever and wherever it suits you best. Oh, and did we mention the convenience of having your goodies delivered straight to your door? It’s like magic! So, why order online? Because it’s the hassle-free, convenient, and downright delightful way to shop!

Ordering for someone else

Sending gifts is our specialty! When ordering for someone else, simply check the “ship to a different address” box at the checkout and fill in the lucky recipient’s details. Oh, and here’s a tip: we don’t include any paperwork with the items, so if you want your recipient to know who the generous gift-giver is, make sure to include a Gift Tag when personalizing your item. Let’s spread some joy!

Cancelling your order

We get it, plans change! If you need to tweak or cancel your order, reach out to us pronto. Just a heads-up though: once your item has been dispatched, we won’t be able to make any changes. So, the sooner you let us know, the better!

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